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Local insights for less

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26 countries. 6 months.

For 3 years, I was a creative director on HSBC, the world's local bank. During that time, we won a handful of Effies for campaign effectiveness, as well as numerous global awards for creativity. We were always on the lookout for interesting ways to solve big challenges.

When we discovered our client was spending tens of millions of dollars each year globally on mediocre stock imagery, we proposed a solution. Partner with the best photographers in the world to develop a comprehensive global content and imagery library. Enter National Geographic. We pitched a partnership that would cut the bank's annual stock expenses by almost 75%.

My partner and I traveled through almost 30 countries on 5 continents for 6 months capturing the brand's global mission (local insights in every country) with a team of elite NatGeo photographers and filmmakers, shooting once in a lifetime moments, dining with royalty, surviving leeches and political riots, waking up above the clouds or down in a desert with bedouin tribes. As far as amazing experiences go, it's hard to top this one.